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Work it, make it, do it

Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger!

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This is the graphic community of teh_t. The idea behind this ~project~ is, of course, posting graphics - what else?? Before we get started, I want to point some things out: This is just a passion. I have fun while doing it and I do it for me, you & everyone else that is interested. However, if you steal one of my stuff & claiming them as yours, I'll stop. Seriously. I'll keep it private for me & my mates. So credit me either with the comm (miemicons) or with my personal lj (teh_t) :) Then, if you have questions, want to request something, have trouble with something, if you want to affiliate or if you just want to tell me how much I win: comment in the ASK TONY entry of this community. For requests, if you want an icon, then provide me with pics. My older stuff, that I posted at my personal lj, is flocked now, which means, if you want to take a look on those icons, you have to friend me first!!

personal lj, ask tony, resources

affiliates: estrella_icons ; pacalis ; sernando ; eye_jungle

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